lundi 6 octobre 2014

History of Isshiki Akane

He went to elementary and junior high schools,Oshima Kitanoyama, school destroyed in the attack alone in episode 2. There is also a request from the military in three episodes, it becomes incorporated into the new school Oshima.In friendly personality that does not forsaken the people who are in trouble, instead of the mother in the hospital, you are helping a household in part-time jobs such as newspaper delivery. It is a favorite mayonnaise as beyond the scope of common sense.

Blessed to motor nerve of nature, poise unconventional quickly good. Sometimes been surprised to dodging free hand, the implantation of young leaves cultivate swordsmanship in three episodes. On the other hand, performance is poor is not scolded Mago-ra of genius scientist. Sunflower says "crying in the footsteps great talent of Dr." (4 episodes).

7 years ago, it becomes suspended from the bridge by being involved in a runaway accident of vision engine experimental aircraft, it had a fear of heights long since, but in the single-minded that you want to save the blue, large desperate from the main tower top of vision engine dared the jump. To overcome admirably, it becomes warrior first person wearing a suit palette.

Colors in the palette suit operations and key red. Weapon to be used "naked Lang". Can also be a special blade of bifocals, except that can be handled as a sword, throw like a boomerang to open the V-shaped. It is the use of the latter taking advantage of the "skill throwing things exactly to the subject of far" cultivated in the newspaper delivery in many cases. In addition, the propulsion device for assisting the power has also been built, applications Taking advantage of this, to be equipped on the back as an acceleration booster without a weapon was also found (8 episodes / blue is used).

Black Knight Rei (Kuroki Rei)

Hero of another person of this work. Student of Oshima new school, classmates of our Akane. Height 158cm. Weight 45kg. Can not talk to most people outside of class, that you are alone in many cases.

In fact, thug to empower alone secretly, envisaged the destruction of the vision engine. Coat of arms that mimics should be called the witness, the wings of the crow has been engraved on the nape of the neck, it is hidden in the scarf usually. It is possible to enhance alone by shoot in place of the arrow of light part of his own life, but the coat of arms is disappearing one by one every time you shoot. It is when the emblem of all disappears, alone, which has received the last arrow is had been knocked down, her presence will disappear.

It is through the silent do not open Kyokin, but kind-hearted roots. In the fifth episode and hurt his chest in words or saved from the accident the child by Ting himself, Akane Kiru said, "in order to help the parents, not only be a nuisance," said the seventh episode to be done "there is also one side you regret that it has shelve tomatoes grown Akane unconsciously soon as I heard the words of that "shall, or asked to apologize to the house of Akane in episode 10.

However, also prepared achieve the purpose, same Ken tomato described above was also firmly behavior therefore equal to or more than. There also be considered destruction of the vision engine is an object only, and to achieve the goal if Kowase even vision engine without relying on alone, to act themselves. It was believed the strange child from the beginning sunflower.

The bird lover, or playing with terns at the port, it is lovingly of parrots are kept only "Pisuke" Its identity, human beings came from the possibility of another world. World who were original Rei has been extinguished by visions of runaway energy, she survived only. Taught to be "able to play the original world if things" exist at the end with the "start" from the crow, and have been ordered with the "Destroy the vision engine of this world at the expense if you want to come true."

Also extreme reticence is, the original is a behavior that began sought to crow a "case to minimize the impact on this world." It is to cherish (in the key of her home, the key to the door that connects the world after) the key to the keepsake only remaining in the world of the original, it is lowered to the neck always. The composition of the body is different from the ordinary person because the quantum level is the presence of other world, can exhibit motility godlike. In addition, it seems to have piled also training a certain degree, we are also skilled in the handling of firearms, use a wire that is attached to the wrist when you fight.